Hello! I’m glad you’re here!

Each week I publish comics and art and ideas to make you smile, give you fun things to think about, and brighten the day and the world around us.

I’m a very curious and eclectic person so you’ll get comics, like Sloth and Manatee, and illustrations, and sometimes oracle-card-like images, and sometimes animations, or haikus, or interviews with talking animals or objects. I’ve been placed in genres from humor to speculative fiction to scifi to fantasy. It’s all groovy.

I am inspired by Mr. Rogers, Carl Sagan, and Jim Henson, and so there’s a mix of wonder and humor and silliness and love going on here. Thanks for coming!

What Do Subscribers Get?

Here’s what’s in the mix each Saturday:

  • Sloth and Manatee, a comic about friends who are currently cruising around on the Moon with a bunch of Tardigrades (Water Bears, Moss Piglets) but who have also spent quite a lot of time on Earth and under the Ocean

  • Cartoons from Betsy’s long-running absurd single-panel cartoon feature, Brainwaves

Magic Space Frog believes in you
  • Guest appearances by various species, special offers on books and art, news, animations, and giveaways

  • Insights from Betsy on what happens when a person is drawing and writing about a collection of characters of every shape, size, and species, who are microscopic or nonexistent or very large or under the ocean or what-have you. Thoughts on genre fiction, world-building, and literally anything else that comes up.

“Gentle, philosophic, kind, wonderful.” - My friend Grant

“A unique weekly brand of humor!” - My neighbor Frank

“Peculiar and disruptive.” - My brother

A Bit About Me(Betsy):

I live in the San Francisco East Bay in Northern California, USA. One of my cartoons travels around with the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatory’s exhibit on Black Holes. Another cartoon is taped to the cabinet in Paul Giamatti’s character’s office in the movie San Andreas, starring The Rock (it’s a joke about predicting earthquakes). I’m a very curious and eclectic person.

I admire Fred Rogers, Carl Sagan, and Jim Henson, for a lot of the same reasons: They are curious, and loving, and joyful, and they invite everyone to expand their mind into something wondrous. I hope to be like them.

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"Gentle, philosophic, kind, wonderful." Weekly comics, stories, art, and ideas from a longtime cartoonist, artist, scifi author, illustrator, and silly person.


Betsy Streeter

Cartoonist, Artist, Illustrator, figuring it out, fan of Mr. Rogers and jazz and death metal and Hello Kitty and the ocean and chocolate